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Colour expert

At we take choosing a colour seriously. Most homes need to be repainted at least every 10 years. Imagine getting the painting scheme for your home wrong and having to look at it every day and hating it!

Our colour experts work closely with our clients to choose the right colour scheme for the home, business, commercial or industrial place.

How to choose colour?

We make choosing a colour easy at Dan Paints. Simply send a photo of your home or business and advise the colours you are thinking of. We will render the image you want on our software and provide it to you free of charge when you take up our painting offer (retail value $250).

Read our testimonials:

“We had a free colour consult from Dan paints and went ahead with the job. 5 years on and the house looks like it was painted yesterday” ¬†Josh Stenshower

“I would like to personally thank the team at Dan Paints for the amazing work they did on our home. Our house use to be the worst on the street now it’s the best.Thanks again Maree”